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Monday, January 7, 2008

Project Quick Money

Project quick Money - Insider Reveals Five Quick, Slick & Zero-Cost 'Secret Techniques' That Earns Him As Much As $13,150 For
Just 2 Hours Of Smart Work!
Internet Marketing Is All About Quick, Easy Cash
And Project Quick Money Is Going To Prove Just That...

It happened one fine Sunday evening about 5 months back. Jack & Henry hit the poolside bar at the same time. Both of them had just attended an underground Internet Marketing seminar. All Jack wanted was a relaxing drink. He didn't have the faintest idea of what was coming...

Over drinks, they struck a conversation about their Internet Marketing ventures. Jack revealed that he was a part time Internet Marketer and was making about $300 a week. He was fairly happy with his earnings, as it supplemented his day job income.

"That's good. So have you thought about going full time?", asked Henry.

"Can't afford it mate. I put in 5 hours a day on my online efforts. Even if I go full time, I will earn about 2500 bucks a month. That ain't enough", replied Jack.